◆ Fond of kites when he was young
Born in Jioufen, Mr. Lai loves kites since he was young. He used to tear down the sheets of the notebooks to make his first kite in Jarred shape. Though it got a simple style, it’s a great achievement for a kid.

Thou away from home, he still dreams about the kites
After the WWII, the golden mines had been over-developed and turned out to be dead mines. To make a living, Mr. Lai had to work away from home. Once upon a time, when he took his child to the park, he saw some people flying kites. It occurred to him that the kites are still his favorite and he misses the way he was. Therefore, he started to study and collect the kites with friends who share the same interest. And then, he was absolutely the president of Taipei Kite Association.

He went back to his hometown, Jioufen, and established Chioufen Kite Museum in 1996, which fulfilled his dream at last. Mr. Lai also hopes that he can share his love of kites with people all over the world, so he joins the International Kite Festival every year and received a lot of appreciation in return.

◆ Chioufen Kite Museum---Life long accomplishment
Mr. Lai devotes himself to Chioufen Kite Museum which owns two thousand of masterpieces from the famous kite-players of the globe. It is worthwhile for us to enjoy their works. Though he experienced a lot of challenges, Mr. Lai keeps working hard, tries his best and his strong interest in kites, he made it at last.