◆ Join the kite education with school curriculum
Mr. Lai hopes that our government would consider the traditional skills of kites an important education and add it as a general curriculum at school. Students can not only study in Chinese, English and math, but also enjoy the procedure and accomplishment of the kite-making and flying, which will be an incredible experience we won’t have from books.

◆ Introduce the nature and the arts of Jioufen
Mr. Lai was born and grew up in Jioufen and he got a passionate to share Jioufen’s beauty with people. Therefore, he designed a series of guided tours for visitors to explore the old streets in Jioufen and the unique scenery of the mountain city in summer. The flowers look like layers of snowflakes when the wind blows. In winter, when the clouds cover all over the mountains, Jioufen looks romantic and charming. Mr. Lai wishes to develop the kite art in his hometown. One of his dreams is to hold a kite-performing in Jioufen and make it a fabulous kite visiting site.