I. By car:

    Head north on highway, take exit at 2.5 km toward the Northeast Coast and merge onto Provincial Route 2; turn right after passing Ruifang Bridge, and continue onto the County Route 102 to Jioufen.

    Take the Coast Highway exit, and follow Ruifang Route 8 to get there.

    Take County Route 106 to Ruifang from Muza, Shengkeng, Shihding and then transfer to Jioufen.

    Take County Route 102 to the borderline of Jinshan and Jioufen from Shuangxi and then transfer to Jinquashih.

II. By train:

    Get off at Ruifang Station, transfer to the Keelung Jinquashih shuttles, and get off at Jinquashih.

    Get off at Ruifang Station, transfer to the Jioufen shuttles; and get off at Jioufen and follow the signs from the police station Jioufen branch to get there.