1、Maori in New Zealand
kites of Reed


2、The Philippines
Kites of leaves ( local materials)


Kite of feather


Kites of leaves
Kites of eagles

The main frame used with cranial bones of seabirds, and both two sides with six feathers of swan. This kite won the the most creative medal.


Kites of octagonal
Use vines of sweet potatoes to be the tail of kites in the early years.



The word ukiyo is literally translated as "floating world" in English, referring to a conception of an evanescent world, impermanent, fleeting beauty and a realm of entertainments (kabuki, courtesans, geisha) divorced from the responsibilities of the mundane, everyday world; "pictures of the floating world".This kind of kite (Japanese woodblock print combine with bamboo and cotton papers.) shows the traditional folk style of Japan.

Volume hexagonal kite


The Korean fighter kite

The bang-pae yeon is very distinctive; arectangular, bowed “shield” kite with a hole in the middle of the sail. The frame uses five bamboo spars—one each across the top and the “waist” of the kite, a “spine,” and two diagonals. Although cutting line and fights are similar to other Asian fighter kites, a distinctive large spool is always used.


The moon kite and leaf kite

Wau Jala Budi
The name Wau Jala Budi is derived from a leaf found in Kedah called the 'budi' leaf. The tail of the wau is similar to the 'budi' leaf and the word 'jala' (net) refers to the structure of the tail of the wau. However, the basic shape and design is similar to the other way. When flown, the kite produces a medum buzzing drone emitted from the 'hummer' located at the head of the kite. The appearance of Wau Jala Budi is also similar to 'Chulia Kite' originated from Thailand.

Wau Bulan
Among the traditional kites, Wau Bulan is the most popular and most attractive in appearance. It is called Wau Bulan because of its crescent shape and tailpieces. According to legend, Wau Bulan originated from the Sri Wijaya Empire and symbolizes the reunification of the empire by Dewa Muda. Wau Bulan was used by Dewa Muda as a guide to determine the designated area to be conquered. The wau Bulan today has since undergone much modifications and changes. The Wau Bulan was more widely known in Kelantan.

Wau Kucing
The design of Wau Kucing (Cat Kite) resembles the cat and is most apparent when seen from the back, beginning with the head, body and tail. The specialty of Wau Kucing is the 'hummer' emitting a screeching, high-pitched sound, similar to the sound made by cats. The 'hummer' is also used to frighten away evil spirits and to forecast the following day's weather. The floral and plant motifs of the 'sobek' carvings on Wau Kucing are decorated in the same way as the Wau Bulan.

Kite Shield

The abrasive coated cutting line. These accidents range in severity from small cuts on the fighter's fingers to a few reported deaths from contact with the line while riding motorcycles. In recent years, the fighting lines have evolved from the traditional cotton, rice and glass line to nylon or synthetic line coated with metallic or chemical abrasive compounds.

1. Chinese paper shadow Kite

As kites were invented before the written word many suggestions have been made as to how they originated. The Chinese had the basic building materials to make kites - silk and bamboo and were the first people to write about kites. In 478 BC it was recorded that a Chinese Philosopher, Mo Zi, spent 3 years making a hawk from wood which flew. There are many theories as to how the kite was invented - one is that a Chinese man’s hat may have been blown off and was caught by the neckband which made it fly in the wind. Another theory is that to make a high officials banner more visible, it was strengthened with a bamboo frame and flown, or it may have been inspired by seeing the sails of fishing boats being blown in the wind. (The sail was in use in China 3000yrs ago)

2. Chinese five beauties-  The hard winged kite

- -Yang Kwei Fei

Yang Kwei Fei is one of the four Beauties in the Chinese history. YANG was China's most famous mistress, one of the Four Beauties who so besotted the Emperor Xuanzong that he lost his reason and was forced to execute her to prove he had the will to rule. The emperor ultimately lost his grip on power and the glorious Tang dynasty (618-907) went into steady decline.

-- Zhao Fei-Yan

In the "Han"In her description of just a few a few words, but on herUnofficialThere are many. In Chinese folk and history, famous for her beauty so-called "Yan thin ring of fat"She is talking aboutYang Yuhuan, While Yan is also commonly used metaphor Titaiqingying thin thin beauty.

-- Wang Zhaojun

According to other legends, she commits suicide after her husband's death as her only resort in order to avoid marrying his son.Peace was maintained for over 60 years between China and the Xiongnu. However, China eventually lost touch with her and her descendants.

--Diao Chan

In the "Three Kingdoms", the Diao Chan is theSituWang YunThe adopted daughter and her appearance beauty moving, square fifteen years China, Shenzhen has to serve the country's heart, I know that Wang Yun Dong Zhuo's chaotic political and deeply for the helpless, so they sacrificed their own to deal with Luanchenzeizai. Diao Chan with honey trap Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu at the same time to obtain two of the attachment, so that the father and son duo produced commensurate rift, then Lu Bu and Wang Yun provoke more successful co-operation to assassinate Dong Zhuo.

-- ShiShih

Fu-cha extremely favor of beauty, access is to emulate the trappings and pomp Princess, he indulged in beauty's beauty, abandoned royal government, Gou took the opportunity to recuperate, recharge your batteries, and then take advantage of wipe Wu.

Wang Zhojun:
Holding a pipa

Xi Shi:
Lotus queen

Yang Guifei:
Elegancy chubby

Empress Zhao Feiyan:
Holding a fan,dancing lightly with a charming sprightly carriage.

Diao Chan:
Dressing like a showgirl.
It represnted Huang Hua.

3. Five Tiger Generals
The Five Tiger Generals (五虎大将軍) are five generals of Shu considered by Liu Bei to be of extraordinary value to the kingdom. They include:

Guan Yu -

Oath brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, head of the Tiger Generals.

Zhang Fei -

Oath brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu.

Zhao Yun -

Former officer of Gongsun Zan, admirer of Liu Bei.

Ma Chao -

Enemy of Cao Cao and head warrior of an esteemed family.

Huang Zhong -

Old Shu general.

4. The faces of Chinese Opera – hard-winged (hard series)

The faces of Chinese Opera demands high on their rich colors. Different colors represent diverse characters.
General: Brave and Justice; most are positive characters
Others: Ironically justice means negative personality
Exception: Sometimes it expresses the youth of the aged or a bad guy doing something good.
General: Easy-going, frank, and brave with wisdom
Others: It shows the dark side of the Ying-yang; such as ghosts, people got dark complexion or look homely.
General: Deceitful and stubborn
Others: the monks, Court eunuch, or the aged
There are many other colors of faces, such as purple, yellow, gold, silver and so on.

5. The kites designed in accordance with Chinese saying for good luck.

More Luck and Jubilation

Luck in Chinese pronunces like the weapon halberd (戟).
* Halberd(戟), a weapon. A kind of spear, fixed on a wooden or a bamboo stick.
Jubilation in Chinese pronunces like emptiness(罄).
* Qing(罄) means nothing in the container.
Own in Chinese pronunces like the painting glaze(釉).
* Glaze the clay pots or china to make them shine.
More in Chinese pronunces like fish

Halberd(戟), a weapon

The place shines under the sunlight is the place got glazed.


Hundreds of Kids Riding on the Dragon (Wish to Be the Dragon)

The piece of work implies that we wish our kids be somebody in the future.
The artist used the way of exquisite brush to paint one hundred different kids playing different toys on the scales of the dragon, which implies these kids will be as wonderful as the dragon in the future.

6. The kites designed in accordance with Chinese Proverbs
Long Live, Pines and Cranes (Mix)

The pines and the cranes in Taiwan symbolize longevity, so people employ them to wish others long lives.


Lucky and Wealthy Forever (Soft-winged compound kite)

This proverb is used to wish people happy and wealthy forever and ever.

7. Wukong

Wukong, known in the West as the Monkey King, is the main character in the classical Chinese epic novel Journey to the West (xi you ji). In the novel, he accompanies the monk Xuanzang on the journey to retrieve Buddhist sutras from India. Sun Wukong was the biggest disciple of Master Xuanzang. The others are Ba-jie and Wujin. Wukong represents the kindness and the justice.

8. Sparrow Hawk

Sparrow Hawks look like smaller eagles which has gray-blue back and white belly with red. They eat small fish. Sometimes we call them sparrows. (See the following picture)

Sparrow Hawk
Bamboo flageolet
Pang flute
9. The Swallow Kites

This is the sterotype of Bejing Kite. They were transformed from a resident swallow in Bejing. Based on different constructures, there are Chubby, Slim, and Young Swallow Kites.

Chubby Swallow Kites

It represents a male one which has great body. The main color is black. It’s tall and strong and fly high and stably. It’s standard size of a Chubby Swallow Kite.

The tips to paint Chubby Swallow Kites are as follows:

When it turns out to be spring, flowers and swallows are everywhere. The artist is well-prepared. Broad head and chubby cheeks, smiles from the bottom of its heart. The face is red and the eyes are clear. When they pray, they got what they want. Being confident, it knows that everything will be done fairly. Everything is ready, and so is everyone. The very first line shall start from the shoulders in the middle. There are beautiful colors around the waist and happiness design one the edges of both sides.

Slim Swallow Kites

It represents a female one. The size of the kite shows the women’s fragile and charming. There are various colors. Normally there are over 4 layers around the waist to emphais the women’s thin waist.

The tips to paint Slim Swallow Kites are as follows:

It dances with the wind and rides on the swing to the heaven. Some music comes from the heaven, and sometimes the sound of the flute can be heard. Flowers fall and cover the road. Red lights reflect farly from the Green Heaven Palace. To make its figure charming, it needs enliving. When the music plays, the skirt waves. Beautiful dress just fit. Put some make-up to show love. The eyebrows just show how they feel about each other. Smiling and showing love in your eyes. Though green between eyes, it looks just great. Long hair covering the white neck, the hands covering heart look charming. A piece of red cloth goes well with the beautiful dress. Big breast and thin waist. The belt is made of jade and coral and the bracelet is make of transparent silk. Three kinds of treasure decorated on the belt. There are beautiful and colorful knitting on the brink of the dress. Peaches are everywhere and look delicious. When the music plays, all shall say farewell. The music is god and the ambiance is great. It still has to cease to be. All start to dance again, suddenly there are clouds flying here and there. Waving hands to say see you again. Wonder girls in beautiful dress reflect their figures on the sunset. Something special remains there. The party is over. Who knows whatever will be and we’ll see.

Young Swallow Kites

It represents the young kids. Their sizes are shorter, just like a kid learning how to speak.

The tips to paint Young Swallow Kites are as follows:

How to paint the Young Swallow Kites? It looks like a chubby boy with a big broad head and short hands and legs. Though the tail is short, each feather has its own function. Tow bright eyes, two red cheeks, smooth eyebrows, a small mouth with a true heart, make it true and kind, adorable and charming, and worry nothing. Learn how to walk before spring; learn how to fly in early summer; sometimes flies with butterflies and sometimes flies with birds. Catch and tease the bugs, Cruise and guard the field for good

10. Butterflies with thousand eyes

There are many round holes on the kite. The semi-circles covered with golden papers in the holes make sound when the wind blows and while the golden papers ar swiveling with the wind, it just looks like blinking of thousand eyes.


11. Europe

They usually employ modern techniques to make kites which are giant in size.

USA-Four-line Stunt Kites

The kite is controlled with two lines on both hands. The kite is flat so it needs to be manipulated by the flyer to make it nose tilt and surf the wind up and down or even keep static. It emphasises on the skills to make the kite interesting and got higher technique to handle it.

USA-The Butterfly (Board Kites)

USA-Sparrow (Soft-winged)


UK-The Shark (Molluscs)

The kite belongs to a gasiform type. The air goes in from its mouth and passes through the body, and finally exits from its tail. Since the air inlet is larger than the exit, most of the air will be squeezed and held in the body for a while which will make the kite swelled. And we make good use of the swelled belly and fins to make its nose tilt to the wind and ascend.

Air Exit

Air Inlet