1. Category : Local People

2.Description of your community:

Jioufen, a mountain town which used to be called “ little Hong Kong” or “little Shanghai.” It’s destiny has been one of ups and downs.
From the era under Japanese colonization to the golden age, to the decline of gold mining activities at the Taiwan restoration period, it has been an interesting place. The population decreased and Jioufen quickly went into decline. For a while the town was mostly forgotten. 1987, the “Jioufen art village” idea was brought up and it charmed  the minds of many artists after its promotion in the press. Even though this idea didn’t reach complete fruition, it added an aspect of artistic mystery to Jioufen.
Later on, “A City of Sadness”, Mr. Brown and Blue Mountain coffee had their movie and commercial shooting there, respectively. The movie became a big hit in the theatres. The nostalgic scenery of Jioufen as seen in the filam, as well as appearances in other media, charmed many people into visiting Jioufen. Jioufen experienced a tourist boom that has shaped the town as a tourist attraction.
Our school- Ruei Fang Junior High School is located at the bottom of the hill of Jioufen, it has witnessed all of the history that Jioufen has been through.
We are going to release a series of the interviews with the local artists in Jioufen, to see the original and natural atmosphere under the prosperous and commercial rebirth of Jioufen. And this time, we have interviewed the president of Jioufen Kite Museum- Mr. Wen-Hsiang Lai

3.Summary of our project:

Master of Kite- Mr. Wen-Hsiang, Lai founded the only Kite Museum in Taiwan. We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Lai and had a chance to increase our understanding of the origin and culture of kites. We were also instructed how to make a kite ourselves, it’s an unbelievable feeling to see your own kite on the sky. Mr. Lai, a local artist in Jioufen, is not only hoping the art of kites can be passed to the next generation but also to promote the activity as a local pastime.

Our internet access: fiber-optic internet

5.Problems we had to overcome:

(1)Inconvenient traffic transportation:

There is quite a distance between the target area and our school. It requires transportation, such as the local bus. So the teachers needed to help the students to get the destination.

(2)Insufficient experiences:

During the interview, the outlines of it from different students would overlap. So it needed explanation and demonstrations from teachers, Because of the lack of experience, we asked the questions following a script and it became a bit formalized and unnatural.

(3)Unstable weather

The weather in winter in Ruei Fang is always rainy. It was raining when we were done of making our kites so we couldn’t fly them until two days later when the weather was fine.

6.Our project sound bite:

We visited Mr. Lai in Jioufen Kite Museum and interviewed him. His “kindness” impressed us a lot. After a brief introduction by him, Mr. Lai started to share with us his fabulous kites collections. We saw so many excellent works and we just realized how creative a kite can be! Later on during the interview, Mr. Lai said it was not an easy task to found a kite museum. He had to overcome lots of difficulties and always learned something from every frustration. In the end, Mr Lai encouraged us to be persistent in everything we do, insist on our dreams and overcome the obstacles to make the dreams come true