D a t e
E v e n t s

Kang Xi 23th year

Authors described the event of the mining on the back of Mount Keelung.

Guang Xu 16th year

Taiwan Provincial Governor “Ming-Chuan, Liu”found the gold in the river while he was building the railway from Taipei to Keelung. It was also the first and great opportunity to discover panning.

Guang Xu 20th  year

Found the gold in Jinguashi

Guang Xu 21th  year

Japan invaded Taiwan

Ming Zhi 29th year

Japanese set the mining area.

Ming Zhi 29th year

Japan set the mining venue. It was in charge of Japanese Samurai Tanka.

Ming Zhi 29th year

Mu-Dan mining Mountain, Ruei-Fang Mining Mountain and Jinguashi Mining Mountain are the top three mining mountains in Keelung City

Ming Zhi 29th year

Found Chung-Ren mining system.

Da Zhung 11th year

Jinguashi Crown Prince Chalet was built.

Da Zhung 12th year

Mining boom subsided, Jinguashi mining business went down quickly.

Showa 6th   year

Renewed attention on mining, gold mining got risen again.

 Showa 8th year

 Taiwan Governor confirmed (Jinguashi) as a name. Japan Mining Co., Ltd. came to Taiwan to purchase Jinguashi mine, had a large-scale construction,built the thirteen levels refining factory in ShuiNandong. A lot of workers came from mainland China to work here.

 Showa 10th year

 Mining Co., Ltd. was established in Japan. Taiwan supported Jinguashi mining. Two years later, it reached the peak of prosperity in Asia with the high production.

 Showa 16th year

 Jinguashi walked into the reign in winter on December 8, Japan launched (Pacific War)

Showa 17th year

 Japanese people wanted to increase the production so moved the British prisoner of war camp to Jinguashi(to monitor the prisoners of war) The same year (527 events) dozens of people died.

 Showa 18th year

 U.S. aircraft bombed the Shuinandon refining factory, one person died and several people got injured.

 Showa 19th year

 Affected by the war, mines got into the suspension state gradually.

 Showa 20th year

Japan announced its unconditional surrender, Jingaushi was into the transitional period, temporarily present prosperity. In winter, the National Government took over Jinguashi and established Bronze Preparatory Office.

 The 35th year of the Republic Era

 Jinguashi mines resumed work again, but the mining worker’s lives got into trouble.

 The 36th year of the Republic Era

 In February, got infected by 228 event, Resistance occurred.Several people died.

 The 44th year of the Republic Era

 Mine restructuring, established (Taiwan Metal Mining Co., Ltd.) mining business had the boom again.

 The 62th year of the Republic Era

 The mine in Jinguashi became little and little. So it changed to a cooper refining factory.

 The 69th year of the Republic Era

 Li-Le Cooper refining factory started.

 The 71th year of the Republic Era

 Mining operational difficulties, gradually closed
the pit door

 The 74th year of the Republic Era

 Taiwan Metal Mining Corp. decided to shut down the business.

 The 76th year of the Republic Era

 Jinguashi ended the mining business with almost ninety years history.

 The 78th year of the Republic Era

 The movie “A City of Sadness”which based on the history of Jinguashi premiered .

 The 81th year of the Republic Era

 The movie “ The Hill of No Return” premiered.

 The 83th year of the Republic Era

 Taiwan Power Company started to renovate the important history of Jinguashi (The Crown Prince Chaelt)