Gold Ecological Park is different from the normal museums. It’s Taiwan’s first museum park designed following eco-museum principals, the intention being to use community power to preserve Jinguashi’s precious nature, mining relics, scenery, historical memory and cultural property and attempt to give them a new life. It shows the theme facilities combining with the resource in Jinguashi. Attempting to lead the tourism to the glory mining days, and experience the educational activities your own.


1. The process of establishing the park




Building Bureau set up the bronze museum working shop.


Gold Ecological Park overall planning was brought out.


Taipei County Government, Taiwan Sugar Company and Taiwan Power Company signed the contract. Taipei County Government was responsible for the whole project.


Park Coordinated with the people in the community.


Hardware displayed and demonstrated.


Grand opening of Gold Ecological Park.


Gold Ecological Park of Taipei County was set officially.


Renamed “Gold Ecological Park of New Taipei City.”

2.The purpose and management directions in the park are

(1).Preserving and reproducing mining history and culture.

(2).Making the park a natural venue for environmental education promoting eco-tourism.

(3).Promoting gold art and metal crafts, establishing creative industries.

(4).Community eco-museum.

3. Opening Hour

Open: Weekday ( Monday- Friday) 9:30 am to 5 pm
Holidays and weekends 9:30amto 6 pm

Closed: Closed on the first Monday of every month (Tuesday or the day after the holiday ends if

Monday is or is part of a national holiday) Chinese New Year’s  Eve, New year’s Day
and election days. Other times will be announced separately.

4. Ticket


  Free.( except for practical activities and special situations announced)

(2)Practical activities.




Reserved Guided Tours of the Park

09:30 13:30 14:45

Visitors who purchase a park entrance ticket can take part in guided tours free of charge

Experience Gold Panning

11:30 13:30 14:30

10:30 11:30 13:30 14:30 15:30

These tickets are sold only with park entrance tickets and cannot be purchased independently

Applications for group guided tours must be made by phone during office hours (9:30-17:00, Tuesday-Friday), a minimum of 7 days prior to the required date.
The reservation number is 02-24962860

5. Traffic


Visitors from Taipei should take a train heading eastwards to Yilan and Hualian and get off at Rueifang train station. A Keelung Bus Company vehicle can be taken to Jinguashi from directly opposite the station (ticket price NT$22). Contact: Taiwan Railway Administration 


(1)Taipei-Jiguashi:A Keelung Bus Company vehicle can be taken from Exit 1 at the Zhongxiao-Fuxing MRT station. This passes through Rueifang and Jioufen. Passengers should alight at Jinguashi station (ticket price NT$95).

(2)Keelong-Jinguashi:A Keelung Bus Company vehicle can be taken from Keeling train station (in front of the I-Mei Foods Co. Ltd.). This passes through Jioufen and passengers should alight at Jinguashi station. 


1.Take the Zhongshan Freeway north towards Keelung, transfer at Rueifang Nuannuan interchange to the 62 Wan-ruei expressway and exit at the Rueifang ramp → Take the provincial No 2 branch road→ head towards Jioufen → Pass through Jioufen and head towards Jinguashi → Arrival at Gold Ecological Park (it takes approximately 25 minutes to reach the park after exiting the freeway at Rueifang Nuannuan interchange)

2.Drive from Yilan to Shuinandong car park at the side of the No 2 provincial coastal highway) → Continue upwards to the Gold Ecological Park