The Fifth Mine had the biggest reserve of gold.  It was repaired and re-decorated for tourists to go visiting.  Outside the Museum of Gold is a statue of Uncle Golden who carried a lantern which was acetylene lamp.  It would produce acetylene when mixing with water.  Light it and then it would start to burn.  It could be used as lights and also a tool to test if there was fresh air in the tunnel so it was also called Safety Lantern.

The entrance

Golden Uncle is holding a fire lantern

Visitors have to get a hamlet and a working visa before you go into the tunnel.  And there will be a tour guide explaining the details of the procedure of repairing and reminding something we have to be careful.  Everyone swear as follows before they go into the tunnel.

1.Hat on: Be sure to wear the hamlet all the way.
2.Voice down: Keep one’s voice down to listen to the voiced tour guide.
3.Hands up: Don’t touch any display in the tunnel.
4.Feet tight: Be careful when walking on the slippery because of the wet.

Listening to the volunteer giving an introduction.
Everyone pays attention on it.

Procedure of experiencing the tunnel

(1)Go into the preparation room and introduce the display of old electrical cart.
(2)Outside the tunnel, introduce the information of the tunnels of Jinguashi.
(3)Outside the tunnel, remind the safety again.
(4)Inside the tunnel, introduce the old part and then the new part and remind the safety again.
(5)Introduce how to set the wooden pillars in the tunnel and something prohibited in the tunnel.
(6)Turn right and go into the new part where we can see they found gold and were ready to explore.
(7)Collect the minerals and deliver them.
(8)Miners take a break after work.
(9)Checkpoint: normally miners had to be checked before they went out of the tunnel to prevent them from taking the golden minerals away.

Old Tram Demonstration
Giving a vow before entering the tunnel.
Inside of the tunnel   
The old electrical cart.
 Cleaning the unwanted stones.
 Found the gold.
Having a break.
Ready to explore.
 Digging holes
Set the wooden pillars
Safety area for exploring.
Had to be checked before going out of the tunnel