Yi-zhan Xie

By joining the project, I deeply feel that mining is a tough job and also difficult way of life.  It made me think of Jinguashi in a whole new way.  Gold Ecological Park not only integrates but analysis the history and human developing which makes us realize the difficulty and danger of the mining that miners experienced!  I’d like to join this kind of projects more often.  The happiest thing that I have is that I got the license of being the volunteer of GEP.

Zi-xiang Jien

I learned something through the project, such as the history of Jinguashi, the background of GEP, and the product of the gold.  In the Environment Building, we can see the geographical characteristics of the village and many kinds of stones which are in different shapes and natures.  In the Gold-panning Museum, we can see many old objects, such as telephones and photos.  And also the motion pictures were interesting too.  The most interesting part is in Museum of Gold because it’s spectacular when we walked inside and saw the wall decorated with thin gold sheets.  Along the hallway, we can understand the history of gold-panning.  And then the lateral view of the mine and the wax statues of the miners were really awesome.  They really worked hard.  On the second floor, there is introduction of gold which introduce the nature of gold and arts made from gold.  The gold, weighted 220 kg, which set the Guinness World Record, is on site.

Hong-zhi Jien

I went to a lot of special tour sites because of the project.  And I also learned something about the human culture and history of Jinguashi.  It made me interested in culture and I hope I can be a tour guide of local culture.  If possible, I hope I can join the project again because I really benefit from it.

Yuan Yen

I learned a lot from joining the project.  Thanks to the guidance of the teacher and teamwork of my classmates, we know better ways to do research.  I hope I can do better next time.

Jun-jie Su

After joining the project, I’ve learned a lot about the local culture through Gold Ecological Park.  From experiencing the mines and gold-panning, I’ve learned better local humanity and history.  With the help of our teacher and our great teammates, we made it possible now.  And we hope we can do better next time.  Go!  Go!  Go!

Xia-hua Xu

I learned more about GEP by joining the project.  This kind of experience is really impressive and helpful.  It offered me the chance to go visiting the 5th tunnel and gold-panning and realize the human culture and history of Jinguashi.  I hope I can be a tourguide in the future.

Yu-hui Lin

This is the first time that I joined the project.  I felt interesting.  It made me learn more about the human culture and history of Jinguashi and also know more about the buildings and historic relic.  I found the structure and the facility of the Japanese houses were quite special which formed contrast with the townhouses.  Meanwhile, I also got the license of the volunteer of GEP.  During the qualified exam, I was nervous.  I knew not only judges but also visitors will listen to what I said; it would be embarrassed if I made any mistakes.  Now I can remember all the information and be brave to speak to the audiences.  I really benefit from this project.

Li-an Chen

Thanks to join the project, I got the chance to be trained in GEP.  The most interesting place is the four-joined Japanese-style houses.  I can learn a lot about Japanese culture, manners, structure of the houses, orientation and so on.  And I also learned that there is distinct anarchy deeply rooted in their way of lives.

Zhi-lu Yo

This is the first time that I joined the project. I learned a lot about the environment, human culture and history of Jinguashih. And I also learned the ways to do research which will help me a lot in the future. Now I know that Gold Ecological Park presents all the events that happened in the mines and its surroundings in the past. I’m so glad that I got the chance to know better about the place where I live.

Jin-Shan, Lee
(Now, what you are hearing is a Taiwanese slang that our teacher created)   

話講   金瓜石 

金瓜石仔金瓜石  腳踏黃金與銅石;
早乞食來晚紳士  這種生活無的有;
本山原是大金瓜  露天開採變犀牛;
黃金神社的山腰  視野曠擴景色好;
五坑坑口出黃金  體驗先人採金時。
入坑艱苦沒人知  出坑歡喜滿春風;
博物館內有展示  採金過程和工具;
黃金藝品真正美  世界第一黃金磚;
太子賓館迎嘉賓  建築注重日本味。
建材顯示有貴氣  櫻花黑檀有含意;
環境館內有寶貝  黃金礦石怎產生;
四季氣候變化多  寒熱植物呷嚨有;
右看茶壺石獅山  日出東方海上來。
左觀基隆美人山  日落西方夜總會;
黃金水來入海流  陰陽海上正分明;
黃金瀑布美又嬌  情人公路彎又曲。
十三遺蹟在海邊  呼人憑弔甲懷念;
煙囪吐煙入山中  草木受燻如化石;
青銅關公讀春秋  土地顯靈發大財;
歡迎入坑來找寶  滿身金條逗轉去。