The so called “Three Crows” means the members from the most important drawing group, the “Red Island”, in the early times of Taiwan. They organized the biggest association of private arts, which is an opposing force to exhibitions held by authorities.

Hung Jui-Lin, Chang Wan-Chuan and Chen Teh-Wang, who participated in the “Taiwan Painting Research Institute” in the early time, have all gained their professional degree; they even studied more modernized knowledge and ideas of arts. Since their return to Taiwan, they were unable to attain the leadership role like the first generation of artists, and they were only about ten years younger than the first generation of artists, it would be slightly inappropriate to call them as the second generation of artists. Therefore, they were called the 1.5th generation of artist.

Their new ideas, innovative thinking and always stood out as revolutionist to the “Tai-yang Arts Association”, their unwillingness to withhold criticisms on the drawing styles at the time, they had also organized groups like “MOUVE” and “Ji-Yuan Painting Association” to oppose the Tai-Yang groups, hence, they were nicknamed as the “Three Crows”.

Hung Jui-Lin Chang Wan-Chuan Chen Teh-Wang