He graduated from the Chinese Culture University, Fine Arts Department, went to France in 1977, and further study into the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Paris. 1984 graduation diploma by higher oil painting, works by the Paris city government and the Ministry of Culture Collection. While doing so, his works participated in many group exhibitions: 1979 "French Autumn Salon Exhibition, 1980, 1982" Red Hill (Montrouge) salon, the Grand Palais in Paris, 1983 "International Contemporary Art Exhibition FIAC" . Returning to settle in 1985, taught at the National Institute of Arts and a solo exhibition in 1985 and 1991. Wong had 1978 third Lions rookie award, specializes in the meticulous brushwork depicts the country field scene by the art critic and art galleries and private collectors at home and abroad home favorite. Taiwan 1990s successive local realism poetry, but contemplation large pattern type conferred painter, has always been to maintain the purity of the nature of art. Invited to participate in the Beijing, Shanghai 20th Century Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition "and the 2001 Taipei, Taichung Taiwan Fine Arts Centennial Exhibition 2000", the works are often exhibited in Europe, the United States, Canada and other places. 2010 works in Beijing the "Reshaping History :2000-2009 China New Art Exhibition and cross-strait painters jointly organized" century Chinese painting Daguan "World Tour Exhibition. Contemporary modern art exhibitions in Taiwan in 2010, Gyeongsang South Road, Museum of Fine Arts. "Fang Xintian exhibition organized by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2012.