The "travelers Memory: Taipei Museum Collections Exhibition of works into collections" since recent years . new travelers ‧ Memory "is the theme of the curatorial elect Huang Ming-chang, Tsai Ming-liang, Wang Yahui, Qiu Jianren of four artists lay out the exhibition spindle, trying to through the traveler's point of view and memory bit by bit, looking for the story of the artist's visual image, from the creator of the image thinking to explore their creative intention and content. The exhibited works Huang Ming-chang Paris attic - we see Series 12 "painting (1978-1983), Qiujian Ren" Narrative Narrative "series painting 5 (2004), Wang Yahui video installation" Guest "(2007), and Tsai Ming-liang film combined with theater devices The work "is a dream."

Four participating artists from the years between 1950-1980, respectively, have different life background and life experience, its well-known creative media to create a unique visual vocabulary to show the different generations of the journey of life, the viewer is also common involved in these static overflow journey. Artists pass travelers  Memory "Memory and reviews their life in a certain period of journey, by raising the viewer the feelings or had life time memory, and then link the related works of art with the times.

Huang Ming-chang Huang Ming-Chang (1952 -) exhibited for the first time in the country's oil paintings "Paris attic - we see a series wanderer memory, his early years, went to Paris to study in this series of paintings of his residence in Paris indoor scenes, realistic style, the cold gray tones depicting a mirror image of the virtual and real space changes. Artists went to France in 1977 to enter the National Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Paris, he was fascinated by the works of the Renaissance in style, uneasy and lonely wandering and living in a foreign land, and also presents works is the artist guest offsite life portrayal, also suggests a slow, nothing's memories.