A field in the heart—from Paris to New Taipei city, Huang Ming-Chang’s wonderland
Category: 1. Local Leaders

School: Ruifang junior high school
New Taipei, N/A,Taiwan
9 students, ages 14-15 worked together to complete this Cyberfair project on March 10, 2013. They have participated in Cyberfair in the following year(s): 2009
Classes and Teachers: Teacher Yin-Pin Lin, Teacher Chin-Shan Lee , Teacher Fang-Hui Wu, Teacher Cheng-Shuan Su, Teacher Chih-Hao Huang
Our School's Web Site:http://www.rfjh.ntpc.edu.tw/


Category: Local leaders

Project Title: A field in the heart—from Paris to New Taipei city, Huang Ming-Chang’s wonderland

Description of "Our Community"

New Taipei is a vigor and potential city where full of natural resource and human views. There are many relics:1. The grade 1 heritage such as Fort San Domingo and The large turnout pit ruins; 2. The grade 2 heritage such as The Lin's Family Manshion and Garden, Kwong Fuk Palace, Yin Temple, Hobe Fort and Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology;3. The grade 3 heritage such as The Li’s Old house at Luchou.

Summary of Our Project

The artist Huang Ming-Chang draw the Rice Paddies which far from Xindian where he live. The Rice Paddies turn into the Xindian MRT station now. Huang Ming-Chang knows that the good things always go by when the Rice Paddies vanished. He said that” I want to keep the wonderful picture to prove that there is such a wonderful corner in the world for the natural is hard to preserve.

Problems We Had to Overcome

1.Inconvenient transportation

Ruifang is located in a remote area with rugged terrain in the mountains. For example, the old houses of the Yen family is located at the mountain entrance of Sijiaoting Dapu Road and it is filled with mud and unsteady road and requires sturdy means of transportation to get to.

2. Lack of interview experience

This interview account for an important part of our research. During our interview process, we met many important figures and local elders, but we found we were not able to bring up the most important issues at the time. We were anxious, mind tangled and stuttering, we were not able to be as fluent as the teachers.

3. Terrible weather

One of Ruifang’s characteristic, of course, is its humidity and rain. Especially during recent winter, cold systems collide head on to Taiwan, and the worst hit area is always Ruifang in the Northeast. It is always inconvenient in the case of transportation.


There is a unique person to be the main character in this Cyberfair. What kind of Taiwanese will get the French certificate and abandon the prosperous city and western painting skill and go back to the small island to get used to the beauty of east on the canvas? This is the person--Huang Ming-Chang.


1.How do you combine this year’s Taiwan Schools Cyberfair research topic with the Grade 1-9 education and school-based curriculum?

Participating in this year’s competition is closely related to the Grade 1-9 curriculum. The essence of the Grade 1-9 education is centered on “life” and    respecting the individual development of each student and nurturing students’ ability to adapt to modern life. Through research of the topic of “A field in the heart—from Paris to New Taipei city, Huang Ming-Chang’s wonderland,” we have researched deeply into local characteristics and cultural history of “Taiwan’s art history,” and carried out students’ care for the people, things and articles of their home.

Which technology have we used to complete our research topic?

Internet: Research related information on Huang Ming-Chang.
Camera: Filmed interviews and sceneries.
Recording pen: Recorded interview contents.
Printer: Printed related documents and important images.
Camcorder: Filmed Interview process.
Computer: Web page creation and editorial work.
Scanner: Scanned summary images and authorization documents.

In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your Cyberfair project both on-line and in person.

Realize the interpretation on the canvas—the beauty of Taiwan by interviewing.
Introduce the painting to everyone.

4.What kind of influence and impact did the research topic have on you?

Its impact is the understanding towards local characters; we have gained a deeper comprehension of the first generation and the 1.5th generation of artists. As for local home, which is Ruifang, we have discovered many unexpected histories. For example: Ruifang Public School, people’s immediate reaction is wonder if it was the predecessor of the current Ruifang Primary school, but in fact, that would be far from the truth, it is situated in Ganpingli. Also turning a classroom devoted to teaching into later nail organization to modern residential housing, the changes can be really big. A small town Ruifang buried an extraordinary past. This is our impact, Ruifang, a place we thought to be familiar with.

5.Respect intellectual property rights and citing reference.

During the process of our interview, we also asked the interviewee to sign letters of authorization in order to use the information and pictures from their books. Moreover, other activity photos are taken from teachers, and we have another section with reference to internet information and relevant sources are attached.

6.Discovery and surprise

We understood many important pioneers in Taiwan’s art history from this experience. We were amazed by the great Huang Ming-Chang who embraced the spirit of sacrificing oneself in order to support others; this is the power of altruism! We have discovered the connection between the past and present history, and understood its story from start to end, and to us who are currently learning is beneficial to the development of education.



Participant Work Contribution

Jyy-Lih You
Tzyy-Yun Su
Tyng-Yi You
Yuh-Shin Yang
Yi-Shiuan Jiang
Chyi-Yeh Lin
Chyi Gau
Woan-Jinq Lin
Yuh-Sning Duh

1.Information collection and integration
3. Interview 
4.Make a field investigation 





Chyi Gau
Woan-Jinq Lin
Yuh-Sning Duh

1.Word Processing
2.Information query


Ying-Pin  Lin
1.Hold a meeting
2.Data induction and analysis
3.Make a Plan  
4.Take photos
Chih-Hao Huang 1.Translate the words into English 2%
Cheng-Shuan Su 1.Website guiding and checking
2.Take photos
Chin-Shan Lee 1.Information collection
2.Dialect translation
Fang-Hui Wu 1.Establish English Website 2%
Chih-Hao Huang 1.Oral English guiding 2%