Teacher Chang Yi Ran Ming who design the record ways for us


We all appreciate Huang Ming-Chang for helping us finish the project.

In addition to Huang Ming-Chang, we also appreciate Pai Hsien-Yung, Chang Yi-Ho, Huang Chun-Ming, His Sung, Chang Yi Jan Ming, and Lin Ying-Ping.

They play a lighthouse in the project.

They summary the key point and explain the story for us to know the theme.

Teacher also tell the story when we go to interview.

Thanks for the Principal and teacher give us more time to finish the project.

Thanks for Su Cheng-Shun for the instructing on website making.

Thanks for Li Chin-Shan for telling us the technique on the project.

Master Pai Hsien-Yung and  Huang Ming-Chang

Teacher Hsi Sung


Master Huang Chun-Ming

Master Chang Yi-Ho