From Paris to New Taipei

From Paris to New Taipei
Huang Ming-Chang goes back to Taiwan and lives in New Taipei city since he graduate from university in Paris.
New Taipei city where is different from Paris let Huang Ming-Chang begin his new life on painting.
Huang Ming-Chang sees the peace homeland in his heart when he see the field and begin to sing for the Taiwan farm village field scenery.

Find teacher advisder Chamg Yi Ran Ming’s recording

There are the vendor with best call sold in the vigor evening market(It is a traditional market opened in the evening and will be closed around 8PM.) in Taiwan.
It’s full of life for the babel of voices and call sold voices(Vendor will make sounds to sold their goods). You can learn to sing and breathe by .the lower part of abdomen by being the vendor for two months.

1.How much do the two box of Glutinous oil rice?
2.What does owner of sweet potato sell?
3.How much do the Dried tofu?
4.It’s delicious. What is the food to win the champion?
5.One umbrella for 100 NT dollars. How much do two umbrella?
6.What can we buy that we just own 30 NT dollars?
7.What is the Hung Jung- Hung’s song?
8.What time did they record?

the thousands of amazing layers of rice leaves wave.

came back and settled down and worked in Xindian after he finished studying in Paris.
Right in the middle in the living room, there is a unfinished large-size oil painting stands straight with a row of every kind of brushes, a painting plate with a variety of color and golden sun shine poured from the French window, which is a picture already.
He points to the distance with concentrated look, “ The place used to be the last rice field in Taipei. I often saw the scenery of the rice field change in four seasons, from shoots to a green field and finally golden paddy, which is so beautiful that the farmers worked hard in the field and always forget the time till the sunset.”

By watching day by day in detail, with fine marten fur pen, one stroke by one stroke, he painted every landscape of the rice field, from the trace of the wind on the rice leaves to the rolling typhoon wind, the thousands of amazing layers of rice leaves wave.
The great writer—Bai Sian Yong

Professor JIA,ZHI-QING, who lives in the US used to say, “There are only two writers who lives in the US now devote most of their perseverance to the improvement of their skills for the descendants to read some of the masterpieces they leave behind, Wu Li Hua and Bai Sian Yong.” He even praised Bai Sian Yong. as the prodigy in all short story writers in modern China. There are only five to six people, from Lu Syun to Chang Ai Ling, who can match his talent since May Fourth Movement.

a sea of rice field with plenty of green color, to see carefully we can find the sea of rice to be thousands of thousands of rice straws drew stroke by stroke with conscience, which is amazement.
start to study related information
We start to study related information by teacher’s instructing. He draw the delicate floor especially on Paris period works
New Taipei V.S. Paris
From the picture we can see the vast sea and green and flourishing leaves which deliver a comfortable feeling that we will think we are in the picture.
The instruction on French phonetic letters

Huang Ming-Chang instruct Chyi-Yeh Lin on French phonetic letters

Art Education in Paris

The followings are renowned university and college in Paris:
Université de Paris: A school known for its history. It is divided into 13 university
Université Panthéon-Assas
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
Université Sorbonne
Université René Descartes
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Université Paris Diderot
Université Vincennes-Saint-Denis)
Université Paris Dauphine
Université Nanterre
Université Paris Sud
Université Val de Marne
Université Paris Nord
Grandes Écoles: cultivate the elits in France
École nationale d'administration
École Supérieure d'électricité
École Centrale de Paris
École normale supérieure de Paris
Institut d'Etudes Politique de Paris/Sciences Po
École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles de la ville de Paris- ESPCI: The best physical chemistry college. Marie Curie discover radium here.
École Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs—ENSPM: It’s located in the suburban in France (Rueil-Malmaison). Belong to Institut Français de Pétrole IF.
They recruit the student who graduate from undergraduate course or France engineer college. The cultivate the skill on petrol and vehicle..
ENPC,École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées
Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts et Métiers
Art college
les Beaux-Arts de Paris, ENSBA:The former Paris loyal art college.
École nationnale superieur d'art decorative: One of the best apply art school in the world. Rodin who is known for sculptor is graduate from here.
GOBELINS école d'image: Located in the 13th district in Paris. It has another campus in Noisy. Belong to CCIP.
Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris

A great writer write his mind 2- Huang chun-ming

Huang chun-ming’s creation is varied and deep in view of humanity. His novel full of emotion and concern where he grew up. Huang is good at describe countryside of Lan-Yand Faltland, using local language to express the hardships of living but still defend human dignity. Huang’s collection has response the transmutation of society. He also has been publicly known as local novelist of Taiwan, and his work have been translated into many languages. 


What rice field said?-For Huand ming-cang- Huang chun-ming

Someone may laugh my unrequited emotion. Isn’t it more accurate to photo than draw the rice field? That’s right, neuroscience tell us that it comes out different by brain filter even if it comes from exactly the same by human-made and by machine-made. For example, compare the recorded voice to real voice form mother telling stories, we have learned, the real voice form the mother went to right brain, while the recorded voice went to left brain. One side is the foundation of creation, the other side is knowledge building. Same, the photo rice field verses drawing ride field is diverse through our eyes, one goes left, the other goes right. More, the photo rice field was done in a flash, while drawing rice field, especially matured rice field, was breed by painters. Of course, painting moves people because his nourishing background. And Huang ming-cang is the right painter.

Outline data series

Farming the heart field-from Paris to New Taipei- Huand ming-cang’s wonderland
Front page
from Paris to New Taipei
Sin-Dian, New Taipei
Coastal, New Taipei
Traveler and memory
What rice field say?
Fertility sea
The series of Paris Attic
The series of rice field
The series of sea
Jiou-Fen, New Taipei
Life, New Taipei
Overlooking, New Taipei
Draw the silent poem
The experience of hawking
Painter of the day
Stone steps in Jiou-Fen
Time-lapse Photography
The series of Portrait
A simulated voice
The series of overlooking
The traveler of overlooking of the valley
The series of mind
The agricultural experiment station of An-Kang Branch of National Taiwan University

Painter’s painting tools and growing rice field

Painter’s painting tools and growing rice field-interview group reports
I was astonished when seeing those painting tools
How can I image a painting was paint by many kinds of painting tools
How can I image a painting can paint details human never noticed
The painting not only express how many painting tools does teacher Huang ming-cang have, but express how amazing skill does Huang have got.

interview group reports
interview group shop at the painter’s home
Canvas transportation

These canvas were borrowed by workers
We can tell how precious these canvas were
How I wonder Especially the wonder images painted by Huang ming-cang


Be careful

We can tell the price of the painting
Cleverly draw the depth of the color


Cautious arrangement
Looking these workers moving those canvas
Those cautious and serious expression like crystal, will be broken by accidentally
As if unable to make up
Based on these we know the precious of these paintings

Overlooking again

I am afraid this is the last resort approach
No more rice field
No more A-gong mount
The painters began buy another now high building
Just paid
We can open new windows and enjoy the views
As if enjoy the St. Mount Victoria of Cezanne

Old rice fields, now no longer

Old rice fields, now no longer
Especially invite painters overlooking again
Although the rice field is no longer been seen, I still feel
Although the rice field is no longer been seen, still stay in teacher Huang ming-cang’s mind, lingering.

In view of painter’s mother

This in an important non-for-sell work in painters’ portrait collections
Allow me to take the detail look

Sorting our newspaper data

The painter guide us photo, and sort these newspaper data
Because it’s the first time to join cyberfair
We are anxiety
For the reason the one when another busy dealing with photos and interviewing data and the same time
But teacher Huang ming-cung taught us tips how to sorting our data
Let us feel relax more
And let us feel how friendship teacher Huang ming-cung is
Maybe its’ his personality
Guide he paint these exciting paintings

Interview with Huang ming-cung

I was surprised when first take pictures with Huang ming-cung
It never came to me that we can take pictures, interview this famous painter. It was a rare experience
The painting behind us make me impressed
The approximation realistic canvas like own the whole homeland
The fainting style make me feel comfortable
And I feel like this painting is very homely
Yet kind of occupation

The great painter’s seminar

The Mind field period of exhibition
From the painter personally describes his painting process
Presumably can grab a deeper understanding

Picture? Painting?

Obviously Liou-ci-chun-siao was just sheets of ordinary and plain landscape shots
Though the scribe by Hung ming-cung
Became the lingering view
True to admire and praise

Interview -2

Seeing teacher Huang’s painting
Why not take more pictures?
Wait! Can not forge this – little schoolbag

Creation and fame

How famous can a painter be like this to hole piles of books


How teacher Huang ming-cung look at those information about himself?
It’s not hard to find out as if take a look at the photo of joyful looking

Wow! Who is the lucky one to take the one-to-one guidance by the master?
2002 Maternal love- 130x194cm oil painting, canvas

According to master,
Maternal love 2
In the sketch
Is the following creation
let as expect the finish product in 3 months

Liou-ci-chun-siao 3 132x200 oil painting, canvas

Two days before the original photos has been seen
The painter was wonder of imagination
Really make us astonishing
The scenery only retain at mind
How many times can we have
This work have been dome before the deadline
The latest masterpiece hasn’t beenr show