Mr. Pu Tian-Sheng, the most important personage of sculpture and education in Taiwan, was born in 1912 which is the first year of the Republic of China. Then he spent 10 years learning from Mr. Chao-Cang Wen-Fu, the leading sculptor of Japan, in Japan. When he came back to Taiwan, his works won recognition and appreciation of art field. Then he married Mr. Chen Cheng-Bo’s daughter. Although Mr. Chen Cheng-Bo is a very outstanding painter, he is a victim of the 228 incident. After 60 years, his painting “The sunset of Tam-Shui” which is the highest price of Chinese painting is auctioned over NT 22 billion dollars.

Mr. Pu Tian-Sheng molded many important portrait and large-sized bronze statues. After that he became a precious model. He devoted to introduce, promote and popularize the ideas and techniques of western classical sculpture for 60 years in Taiwan. When he was 81 years old, the President invited him to mold a statue to commemorate Miss Lin Jing-Juan-a kindergarten teacher-who saved the children and rescued their lives from a burning car. Eventually, it was too late to leave. Then she held four children and died. All people were shocked by this accident at that time. Although Mr. Pu Tian-Sheng had been suffering from stomach cancer, he decided to ignore it. He spent 4 years struggling to complete the statue and died in two weeks later. It was corresponded with his words ─ I’ll never stop creating till the end of my live.

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Visiting Pu Tien-Sheng’s former residence