.Born on June 19th in Chiayi, Taiwan to a family of craftsmen. Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng’s grandfather Miss Pu Yu-Jung was a painter and sculptor of Buddhist deities,whereas his father Mr. Pu Ying ran a painting-mounting shop on the Art Street of Chiayi and was also a skilled painter of portraiture. Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng’s interest in art was clearly influenced by his family.



.Entered Yu-Chuan Primary School(now Chung-Wen Primary School ) ; his teacher was the great Taiwanese artist Mr. Chen Cheng-Po.



.Winning the top prize at Hsinchu Art Exhibition with Eastern-gouache painting Fighting Cocks.



.Estanblished the Spring Painters Society, whose members included Lin Yu-Shan, Pen Chuen-Yuan, Huang Ching-Shan, Chu Pei-Ting, Lin Tung-Ling, Wu Tzo-Chuen, Shih Yu-Shan, Chen Tzai-Tien and Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng himself. The aim of this society was to promote the learning and development of art. Most of its members were particularly dedicated to Eastern-gouache paintinh at the time.



.Stidied drawing and sketching at Kawabata Art School of Tokyo.
.Completing The Loquat Tree.



.Admitted to Teikoku Art School (now Musashino Art University), specialized first in Eastern-gouache painting before transferring to the Department of Sculpture.



.Studyied sculpture at the studio of the great Japanese sculptor Asakura Fumio for a total of eight years.



.Completed sculpting exercise The Female Nude, which was exhibitied at The 11th Asakura Fumio Art Studio Exhibition.



.Returned to Taiwan briefly and completed a bust statue of the local entrepreneur Mr. Su You-Jang at his father’s request. The statue won high praises from artists and Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng’s former teacher Mr. Chen Cheng-Po, who then introduced Pu to his own daughter Miss Chen Tzu-Wei.



.Marryied Miss Chen Tzu-Wei before traveling to Japam again.
.Completed The Poet, Lu Xun, which was exhibited at The 13th Asakura Fumio Art Studio Exhibition; completing also Mr. Su You-Jang.



.Completed plaster statue The Sea People, which was selected for the lmperial Year 2600 Fine Art Exhibition.



.Birth of his eldest daughter, Miss Pu Hsiu-Ling.
.Competed bust statue My Wife.
.Returned to Taiwan to live on a permanent basis.
.Failed to persuade Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng to stay in Japan, the great Japanede sculptor Asakura Fumio gave Pu some ten precious photographs of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, suggestimg that these photographs would be of great help to Pu’s future artistic practice.
.Still in the midst of WWll, the Taiwanese socieiety was still reeling from poverty, both materially and spiritually, and the art of sculpture was in its infancy. Mr. Pu Tien Sheng was a true pioneer who started from scratch to plant the seeds of an interest in modern sculpture in the minds of the Taiwanese public.
.Prior to Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng, a small number of Taiwanese sculptors had been trained in Japan and subsequently returned to Taiwan. These pioneering Taiwanese sculptors included Mr. Huang Tu-Shui, who had spent most of his time in Japan but died prematurely in 1930. Others included Mr. Huang Ching-Cheng and Mr. Chen Hsia-Yu, both of whom studied in Japan approximately at the same time as Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng did. Unfortunately, Mr. Huang Ching-Cheng died in 1942 in a disastrous shipwreck in 1942 on his way back to Taiwan, aged only 31, whereas Mr. Chen Hsia-Yu did not return to Taiwan until 1946. From 1948 onwards, a group of Chinese-born sculptors including Mr. Chiu Yun, Mr. Ho Ming-Chi and Mr. Chueh Ming-The, began to arrive in Taiwan after Chiang Kai-Shek’s Chinese Nationalist Party took over Taiwan from the Japanese Empire.
.Established the category of sculpture for the 7th Taiyang Fine Arts Exhibition; members of the committee included Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng, Mr. Chen Hsia-Yu and Samejima Taiki.



.Completed statues Mr. Hsu Chieh-Fu and Mrs. Luo.



.Eldest son Mr. Pu Hao-Ming was born in Chiayi, Taiwan;
.Completed The Mouse, Mrs. Chen Sr. and Mrs. Lee Sr.



.Pu and his family left hometowm Chiayi to settle in Taipei.
.Established his art studio in Taipei City Commissioned by the Kuomintang and Taipei City Government to create memorial statues of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek.
.Established the first bronze foundry in Taiwan in the post-war era and introducing from Japan bronzw-casting techniques.



.Birth of the second son Mr. Hao-Jan.
.Served as a member of the Judging Panel for the 1st Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition.
.Compled super-size memorial statue Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, which was installed at the intersection of Zhung-Shan N. Road and Zhung-Hsiao E. Road, Taipei City.



.Art studio relocated to Cheng-Chou Road, Taipei City.
.Befriended many local artists who often visited his studio, including Mr. Yuyu Yang, Mr. Kuo Tung-Jung, Mr. Huang Ling-Chih, Mr. Tsai Kwan, Mr. Chen Yih-Fan.
.Completed The Poet, which is now in the permanent collection of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.
.His second daughter Miss Hsiu-Hui, third son Mr. Hao-Chih and third daughter Miss Hsiu-Fang were all born in Taipei.



.Completed bust statue Dr. Tu Tsung-Ming.



.Commissioned by the then Taiwan Provincial Department of Education to run a summer sculpture workshop for the following 13 years. It should be noted that there were no formal sculpture courses in any art colleges; most sculpture students were taught under Pu Tien-Sheng’s tutorial outside the academic context.
.Completed bust statue Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, which was installed at the front yard of Sun Yat-Sen Hall, Taipei City.
.Completed head statues Mr. Beethoven and Mr. Liu Chi-Kuang.



.Completed The Sleeping Cat, Mrs. Tu Sr. and Mr. Lian Heng.



.Completed My Mother, Mrs. Lee Sr.



.Completed Mr. Liu Long-Tsai, Dr. Chiu The-Jin, My Mother-in-Law.



.Relocated his art studio to Lin-Sen N. Road and personally designed and furbished his studio.
.Largely of Chinese cypress wood construction, Pu’s new studio was 2.5 stories high and built by carpenters originally from Fuchou. The upper level of the studio was bright and spacious on the upper floor of the studio looking down at the large-size sculptures downstairs. It is one of the few remaining sculptor’s studios in Taiwan which is of great historical significance.



.Completed Mr. Wu Chih-Hui, which was installed on the Circle at the intersection of Tun-Hua S. Road and Jen-Ai Road, Taipei City.
.Completed Mr. Wu Chih-Hui, Mr. Yu You-Ren, Mr. Chen Tien-Kwei.



.Served as a member of the Judging Panel for the National Fine Arts Exhibition.



.Completed Mrs. Yen Sr., Mrs. Su Sr.



.Completed The Gallant Horse and Mr. Shen Man.



.Completed Mr. Sun Fo and Mr. Chang Chiu-Ju.



.Completed General Mr. Ho Ying-Chin, Mr. Lin Tzu-His, Mr. Lin Han-Chung, Mr. Peng Huan-Lang.



.Completed Mr. Hsu Tsan-Huang, Mr. Wang Wu-Ming, Mr. Yang-Chang Pi-Yu, Mr. Tsai Wen-Bin and Mrs. Teng-Lai Sha.



.Completed Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek on the Horseback, which was installed at the intersection of San-To Road and Zhung-Shan Road, Kaohsung City.
.Completed the bust statues of Dr. Sun Yat-Sun, Mr. Yang A-Po, Mr. Yang Chao-Chia and Mrs. Yang Sr.



.Completed Mr. Wang Tien-Shang, Mr. Lee Chien-Ho, Mr. Chang San-Ping and Mr. Huang Yen-Wo(two pieces).



.Completed the full-size statue of Mr. Huang Chao-Chin, which was installed in the front yard of the Taiwan Provincial Council in Taichung. The bust statue of Mr. Huang was laced indoors in the Taiwan Provincial Council.
.Completed Mrs. Wu-Lee Ling.



.Completed Dance (1&2), The Flowers in the Rainy Night The Olympic Torch, Buddhist Monk Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage to lndia, The Sacrifice (the duck), and Mr. Lin Shu-Huan.



.Work Yearning was selected for the Salon des Refuses.
.Completed The Female Nude (1984-1), The Female Nude (1984-2), The Female Nude (1984-3), The Female Nude(the lying position).



.Served as an Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Fine Arts Association.
.Completed A Woman in a Lying Position, The Aboriginal Lad, The Female Nude (1985), The South African Painter.



.While visiting his children in the US, Mr. Pu Tien-Sheng was inspired by the spectacular views of Niagara Falls and made a few quick sketches including some drawing, pastel paintings and oil paintings. While in the US, Pu was often out for excursions with his wife and made a total of over 200 sketches.
.Completed pastel paintings Self-portrait, My Wife, and My Second Son Mr. Hao-Jan and Family.
.Served as a member of the Examination Boar d for the National Museum of History.
.Completed Self-portrait, Mr. Kitamura Seibo, The Confucian Temple of Kaohsiung Miss Yeh (in a sitting position), Troubled, Stretching, Yearning, Water Reflection, Miss Fu (1&2), Budding, The Female Nude (1986), A Horst Running in the Wild, Mr. Wang Tien-Sheng.



.Served as a member of the Examination Board for the Department of Sculpture, Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
.Served as a Member of the Judging Panel for the Opening Exhibition, Taiwan Provincial Museum of Fine Arts (now National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts).
.Completed The Female Nude (1987), Weaving, Sanchangil, Banping Mountain, Kaohsiung Park, Kaohsiung Harbor (4 pieces), Love River (4 pieces), Longevity Mountain, The Lower Chi-Shan of Kaohsiung, The Backyard (1987), Memories, Mrs. Chen-Hung Mann, Mr. Chen Chi-An, Master Ou Hao-Nien.



.Served as a member of the Examination Board for the publications of the Taiwan Provincial Museum of Fine Arts.
.Served as a member of the 3rd Examination Board for the Department of Sculpture, Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
.Served as a member of the Judging Panel for the Nanying Fine Arts Exhibition of Tainan County.
.Completed The Sports Series, now kept in the permanent collection of the Taiwan Provincial Museum of Fine Arts and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.
.Completed Chiayi Park, Miss Wang, The Female Nude (1988), The Sports Series (9 pieces), The Running Horse.



.Served as a member of the Judging Panel for the category of fine arts, National Foundation of Arts and Culture.
.Completed Yangming Mountain, Mr. Hsu-chou Road, The Female Nude (1989-2), Waishuanghsi, The Green Farm, The Scenery (1989-1; 1989-2), Kaohsiung Park, The Scenery, The Backyard (1989), After Bath, Peiking Man, Miss Chiu (in a sitting position), The Female Nude (in a standing position).



.Served as a member of the Judging Panel for the Taiwan Province Fine Arts Exhibition.
.Served as a member of the Judging Panel for the category of sculpture, Taipei County Fine Arts Exhibition.
.Completed A Woman, The Female Nude (1990), A Young Austrian Woman, Dancing, Putting on the Earrings, The Victor, The Proud Horse, The Rabbit, Tang Dynasty Poet Li Po and Mr. Lien Chen-Tung.



.Pu Tien-Sheng at 80 at Taiwan Provincial Museum of Fine Arts (now National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts).
.Completed The Fish, The Female Nude, Shamao Mountain, Yangming Mountain (1991, 1-4), The Female Nude (1991, 1-8), Still Life, A German Young Woman (1991, 1&2), Liberty and Equality, Longing, An Austrian Young Woman (1991, 1&2), Dancing, An Austrian Young Woman, A German Young Woman (1991, 1&2), The Sports Series (10), The Sacrifice (chicken), The Horse, Mr. Albert Einstein, and sketch My Mother-in-Law.



.Invited by President Mr. Lee Teng-Hui to create a super-size memorial statue of late Miss Lin Ching-Chuan, the pre-school teacher who had died in a bus accident as she was trying to protect the children in her cart.
.Served as a member of the Judging Panel for the National Fine Arts Exhibition.
.Completed Tahsienkung, The Scenery, The Tower, The Tulip, Miss Chan and Mr. Chang Wu-Hsiung.