We all appreciate Mr.Pu Hao Jhih for helping us finish the project.
In addition to Mr. Pu Hao Jhih , Pu Hao Ming,Mr. Pu Zih Chao we also appreciate Dr. Huang Ying Siou , Mr. Chang Yi Jan Ming,
They play a lighthouse in the project.
They summary the key point and explain the story for us to know the theme.
Teacher also tell the story when we go to interview.
Thanks for the Principal and teacher give us more time to finish the project.
Thanks for teacher Su Cheng-Shun for the instructing on website making.
Many thanks to
Teacher Gu-Rong for dubbing
Teacher Yi-Fan,TeacherSio-Hung and Mr.Jim-Fa Chang for being the chauffeus during the interview
Teacher Bo-Kuan,Teacher Yung-Lin for assissting us in finding the relevant information and resources .
Many thanks to
Teacher Wu Fang-Huei,Teacher Wu Jing-Yuan ,
Teacher Shin Pei-Chin, Teacher Pan Yu-Syue,
Teacher Yu Vic-Kie , Teacher Huaug Chih-Ho help to translate in English.

Pu Hao-Zhi who is the general director of the Pu Tian-Sheng memorial museum.
Mr. Pu Hao-Ming , Mr. Pu Tian-Sheng’s firstborn.
Huang Ying-hsia     Chang Yi Ran-Ming